Why Does The Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag Taste?

Why does the Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag taste?
Many people think that Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag is an environmentally friendly bags of bags, there should be no smell. And Xiao Bian want to say is that the smell of the situation there are several kinds of. Please listen to Xiaobian his right.
Resulting in Non Woven Ultrasonic Bags have one of the causes of odor, printing ink problems. Printing ink is something that the printing industry must use. The ink is also the kind of points, there are water-based ink and oil ink points. And on the basis of these two kinds of ink is also divided into several. Generally relatively water-based ink, to environmental protection, and therefore, generally Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag manufacturers ultrasonic selected when the printing ink, the aqueous ink is selected, after all, this is an environmentally friendly product, in the choice of materials, Or to environmental protection-based. And oily ink is relatively large smell will be large. Because in the oily ink which will be doped with a chemical, formaldehyde! And the taste of formaldehyde will be accompanied by the smell of ink distributed to the air, so in the storage of oil ink printing products where the smell is normal.
Many Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag odor generating ultrasonic waves, is that many of the choice of ink manufacturers when oil ink is used, from the viewpoint of saving production cost point of view, oil ink cheaper than water-based ink, therefore, many businesses production Nonwovens Ultrasonic bags have an odor and are also normal.
On the other hand, in addition to the ink has a relationship, Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag of ultrasonic materials are also related. General non-woven materials are divided into two kinds. One is 100% of the new material, this new material is the composition of polypropylene, no formaldehyde composition, so the new material is not generated by the smell. And the general material will be doping some of the material in the inside. In the production process, in order to be able to make a good material and material integration, will be doped with some fusion agent. Therefore, this fabric produced by the Non Woven Ultrasonic Bags with odor associated with, is also normal.
Since the promulgation of the "plastic limit order", plastic bags gradually fade out of the packaging market, we have chosen to be repeated use of Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag of ultrasound. Non-woven bag is more easy to print than plastic bags, color expression more compelling. Increased the view can be repeated use, Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag can be added in the plastic bag on the basis of more elegant design and advertising. The traditional shopping bags of plastic bags, in order to save costs too thin, easy to scrap, is extremely easy to break down, but if in order to make him firmer, will inevitably cost higher.
Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag and a lot of Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag of ultrasonic bags to solve all the problems, Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag, toughness, easy to wear, in 90 days can be completely decomposed. To determine its correctness, the more waterproof, feel good, beautiful appearance of the advantages. A beautiful Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag, not just a bag of goods. Its exquisite appearance is more lovable, it is simple shoulder bag fashion, become a beautiful street beautiful scenery. Plus its solid, waterproof, non-stick hand will become the first choice for customers to go out of the characteristics.
Limit the release of the order, but also to solve the problem of environmental protection. Non Woven Ultrasonic Bags used repeatedly, greatly reducing the pressure of waste conversion. Reflect the concept of environmental protection, better reflect your corporate image, and the effect of the people.
Ultrasonic Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag awash in making some home ultrasonic number of Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag faster than plastic bags, and the reason it says that he promote environmentally friendly because of its thickness than plastic bags, high toughness conducive to repeated use, Can be recycled Reusable This Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag is not very strong for the company and would like to promote environmental protection as a substitute for plastic bags and paper bags, in the show, activities to promote free distribution is also very practical.
Many people think that nonwovens ultrasonic bag is not environmentally friendly, but only a form of it. In the end nonwovens ultrasonic bag is to do the real environmental protection of this problem, really attracted everyone's controversy, let's take a look at the following discussion.
At present, many places with Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag instead of plastic bags, some people think that this environmentally friendly. In fact, environmental experts have long pointed out that many nonwovens ultrasonic bag is nothing more than a face for a plastic bag only. To determine whether the environmental protection bags, mainly depends on the material is not degradable. But most Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag are polypropylene bags, made of polyester, are non-degradable fiber, such a Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag are not environmentally friendly bags. It can be seen, the popularity of environmental protection knowledge is still not enough to improve environmental awareness, but also from the growth of environmental knowledge began.