The Identification Of Non Woven Bag Is True

The identification of Non Woven Bag is true

1. Identification of water: put the non-environmental bag in water, and press the water to the bottom, the non-toxic non-environmental bag is small, can surface, the poisonous non-environmental bag ratio is significant, the sink.

2. Jitter detection method: use the hand to grasp the non-environmental bag end to shake vigorously, and make the sound of the sound of the sound is not toxic; A poisonous sign of a dull voice

The logo of the bag and the identification mark of the supplier.

Non Woven Bag A comprehensive indicator of the content of oxygen substances such as organic compounds in water. When the organic matter in the water is in contact with the air, it is decomposed due to the action of the aerobic microorganism, which is the amount of oxygen needed to make it inorganic or gaseous, i.e., biochemical oxygen demand. Mg/liter. It is able to break down organic matter through supplying the samples were measured with water and oxygen saturation of microorganism, under a certain temperature (20 ℃), after a specified number of days of reaction, and then determined according to the water of oxygen reduction.

Dissolved oxygen (DO)

Non Woven Bag The dissolved oxygen content is affected by water temperature, air pressure and solute (such as salt), and decreases with the increase of water temperature, and the proportion of oxygen in the atmosphere increases. Because water is polluted, organic decay and other reductive substances exist, dissolved oxygen is consumed, so the more clean water is, the more dissolved oxygen is contained; The more water polluted, the less dissolved oxygen.

Chemical oxygen demand (COD)

Under certain conditions, the amount of oxidized oxidizer consumed by a certain strong oxidizer is measured by the amount of oxygen in mg/liter. It USES chemical oxidants to oxidize the reducing substance in the water sample, and then calculates the amount of oxygen consumed from the amount of the remaining oxidizing agent. It can be determined by the method of potassium dichromate and permanganate.

Air pollution index (API)

Non Woven Bag Air quality weekly report is based on the environmental air quality standards, regulations of the state of several common pollutants routine monitoring results, Non Woven Bag evaluation of urban air quality in a week, and the characterization of air pollution index released to the public.

AIR POLLUTION INDEX (AIR POLLUTION INDEX, API for short) is a kind of reflection and evaluation method of AIR quality, is the routine monitoring of several kinds of AIR pollutant concentration is simplified into a single conceptual numerical form, and hierarchical representation AIR quality status and the degree of AIR POLLUTION, the results clear and straightforward, easy to use, suitable for said the short-term AIR quality status and changing trend of the city.

Non Woven Bag The determination of air pollution index: the quality of air is determined by the degree of pollution that is harmful to pollutants. The air pollution index is based on the environmental air quality standards and the impacts of various pollutants on human health and ecological environment to determine the classification of the pollution index and the corresponding pollutant concentration limit. The standard of air index used in China is: the pollutant concentration of the air pollution index (API) at 50 is the standard of the national air quality day; The corresponding pollutant concentration of the corresponding API100 points is the second level of the national air quality daily. The concentration of pollutants corresponding to 200 points is the three-level standard of national air quality daily. The classification of the higher value segment of the system corresponds to the concentration limit of various pollutants in different effects on human health, and the API500 corresponds to the concentration of various pollutants when the human body is seriously endangered.

According to the characteristics of air pollution in China and the focus of pollution prevention and control, the pollutant projects which are included in the air pollution index are tentatively determined as: sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and total suspended particulates. With the development of environmental protection and the improvement of monitoring technology, other pollution projects will be adjusted to reflect the pollution situation more objectively.

Air pollution index calculation and report: is the relationship between pollution index and the pollutant concentration of piecewise linear function (see table 1 and figure 1), using interpolation method to calculate each subindex of pollutants In (please see the specific calculation method of the environmental monitoring bulletin. 9 (1997), with strong In various pollutants subindex on behalf of the region or city pollution index. Namely: API = Max (I1, I2 · · Ii, · · · In)

The corresponding pollutants in the index are the primary pollutants in the region or the city. When the API value of the pollution index is less than 50, no primary pollutant is reported.

Starting with the plastic-limiting order, plastic bags will begin to gradually exit the packaging market, replacing the non-woven shopping bags that can be used over and over again. Non Woven Bag are easier to print than plastic bags and have more vivid colors. And can use repeatedly, consider a non-woven shopping bag with more elegant than plastic bags design and advertising, because can use repeatedly attrition rate is lower than plastic bags, led to more cost savings, non-woven shopping bag instead and bring more obvious benefits.