PP Woven Tote Bag Making Process

PP Woven Tote Bag making process
We received a shopping bag after the production task, the first is to help customers choose fabric, good fabric can produce a lot of shopping bags for credit. The choice of weight on the fabric, to practical is appropriate.
PP Woven Tote Bag - fabric selection
Why do you want to have a glossy surface? This is because the fabric surface shiny, so that for the late printing to prepare, one is good printing, and then one is printed out of the effect will be very good. In this way, the overall effect will be very prominent, such a shopping bag out, will be loved by the vast number of consumers.
PP Woven Tote Bag - fabric cutting cut
The second step, fabric production is good, into the warehouse, the next thing, is how to put these large volumes of non-woven bags made of bags? Yes, that's what you think, we're going to cut it.
We cut the fabric into small pieces of fabric we need in size according to the size, with an automated slicer, a cutting machine. Which cut the large, is used to print the front and back with the bottom of the three sides of the body. Then the side, carry hand, package edge. This is the cut, that is, this carry hand and package edge, because they are very narrow, so must be cut into small pieces with the finished product processing.
The third step is to print. We are generally used in screen printing, because it is a piece of pure hand printing, so his speed, progress will be slower than the machine to print, of course, the cost will be higher than the machine to print a little higher, but Its advantages, but also very obvious, can be a very small amount of printing, the error rate is relatively low.
When printing, pay attention to the printed text, the pattern should have a good fullness, and the size of the grasp should be able to highlight the effect of the entire shopping bag.
PP Woven Tote Bag - sewing
The fourth step of the sewing, in accordance with certain specifications, and style, like sewing clothing, like a large fabric, small pieces, carrying hands, wrapping and other fabrics sewn together, we have become the finished product shopping bags.

PP Woven Tote Bag - packing
The fifth step is the last step, that is, packaging and packing, we use the carton in accordance with certain specifications, 100 boxes, or 200 a box, the box printed on the font, so that a box of shopping bags through the logistics of goods , To the various terminals sold to the vast number of consumers.
Shopping bags developed into now, there are already many styles, the style of work and process is also slightly different, but the general production method is the case.