PP Woven Tote Bag In Our Lives In A Wide Range Of Applications

PP Woven Tote Bag in our lives in a wide range of applications
Depending on the following advantages:
1.PP Woven Tote Bag material and cotton bag material as cotton are taken from the natural, said the above, of course, environmental protection;
2. Green PP Woven Tote Bag, the biggest cost is the fabric, and some non-woven bags are environmentally friendly ink, generally not to save that money and cut corners (unless the manufacturer to Mongolia), said here also Can be called environmental protection;
3. Sturdy and durable, pay attention to the use of two years of environmentally friendly PP Woven Tote Bag fabric without any damage, but some places to open the line (sometimes mention very heavy things pressure, manufacturers do not good), so work is Sophisticated manufacturers, which is from the publicity time Oh;
4. called the green bag, and some simply is the package, because many units in order to promote their own bag design is very beautiful, from the function is also very full, what with lining, with zipper, with mobile phone bag, bag compartment , With a dark layer, etc., really consider the meticulous. Of course, God is worthy of the people, good green bag who love back, carrying the bag when the package, which is the publicity rate.
5. Canvas bags are more fabric, the lines are more, most of the very fine flat printing imaging results are very good.
6. Cleaning is also easier, after washing is not easy to deformation, this is much stronger than the non-woven fabric.
PP Woven Tote Bag three-dimensional effect of the outstanding:
1 pressure bump - no ink, the use of a team of concave, letterpress printing will be printed out of embossed graphic processing methods, ---- effect vivid and beautiful, three-dimensional sense --- --- we all know!
2 Disu - the use of crystal plastic drop form to make the surface of the printed material to obtain crystal-like effect of the processing technology, the crystal. Three-dimensional decorative effect is excellent. Also has water. Resistance to moisture. Durable. UV protection
Small area can be hand-made, large area. High-quality industrial production using a special drip machine, a semi-automatic and fully automatic machine, process.
As for the exquisite shopping bags, PP Woven Tote Bag is printed on a single sheet of paper color, after PP mounted light or bronzing, and then by the bag factory to manual, semi-automatic machine production, and finally with artificial rope tied to mention, to complete the paper bag The Its advantages are: any situation of the paper bag can be produced, the disadvantage is the production of slow. This type of high-level shopping bags, mostly for the noble packaging of goods, or as a gift bag, or as a variety of commercial activities of the advertising bag, and finally this kind of fine beautiful paper bag, have become the ladies shopping convenience Shopping Bag. The same time as
Shopping bags should be the characteristics of environmental protection and beautiful, PP Woven Tote Bag sophisticated and durable shopping bags should first be corporate image and product advertising strategy extension, so the production of shopping bags, must pay attention to environmental beauty, delicate and durable. Close structure, do not get off the loose use of "hot sol" to automatic bag machine, sticking the various parts of the shopping bag, forming a close structure, is not going to get off, unlike the traditional handbag Processing, is "white plastic" paste bag body, and then to wear a rope for the artificial knot, so often get off the end of the mistakes. Paper bag surface without creases, adhesive and accurate to the automatic bag making machine PP Woven Tote Bag , so the bag no creases, coupled with hot sol fixation, dry quickly, so easy and beautiful adhesive. Traditional paper bag processing, is hand-folded paper bag, so the bag surface has a broken line, and white plastic dry slow, too much time will overflow rubber slide, so poor bag shape.