PP Woven Bag Production Process Which Steps

PP Woven Bag production process which steps
PP Woven Bags to the present, there are many styles, the style of work and process is also slightly different. Today, Wing Yip packaging for everyone to introduce a brief PP Woven Bag production process.
Environmental protection PP Woven Bag production process: selection of cloth - planting cut - printing - sewing - packaging.
1, select the fabric
When you receive an order for an environmentally friendly PP Woven Bag, the first is to pick the fabric, a good fabric for the production of environmentally friendly shopping bags look good, the fabric probably choose the kind of appearance did not Ze, vertical and horizontal tension difference is small, feel Hard pieces of fabric. The weight of the cloth on the selection, to be useful is appropriate.
Sometimes pick the appearance of the fabric to be shiny. The appearance of the fabric shiny, so that the preparation for the late printing, one is good printing, and then one is printed out of the role will be very good. In this way, the role of the whole will be very outstanding, so that the shopping bag out, will be loved by the vast number of consumers.
Sometimes the selection of fabric feel a little harder. Hard cloth, can stand up, can hold up, highlight the overall effect of environmental protection bags, very useful, whenever I shop, put a certain amount of items, not broken will not be bad. Safe, practical, this is the specification of shopping bags.
The same demand for fabric vertical and horizontal tension difference is small, but also to ensure that the shopping bag in the load-bearing, there is an excellent expression.
2, cut and cut cut
The cloth is ready, put into the warehouse, the next work, that is, how to make these large rolls of fabric made of bags, it planted into a piece, a small cloth.
Environmental PP Woven Bag is equal to a three-dimensional cuboid or cube. So, it has six faces, during which the top is empty, so the shopping bag in fact as long as five faces, before and after a large side, left and right side, plus the bottom of a face. Here we are talking about the sewing method to create shopping bags, and ultrasonic PP Woven Bags have some differences.
We according to the size of the specifications, with automatic cutting machine, cutting machine, the fabric cut into the scale we need the small pieces of cloth. Between the large section of the cut, that is used to print the front and back with the bottom of the three sides of the body. And then next to the side, carry hand, package edge. This is the cut, that is, refers to the carry and package edge, because they are very narrow, so it is necessary to cut into small pieces of cooperation to the processing of products.
3, printing and printing
Usually the use of screen printing, because it is a piece of pure hand-printed, so his speed, progress will be slower than the machine to print, of course, the cost will be higher than the machine to print a little higher, But its strengths, but also very obvious, to a very small number of print, the error rate is relatively low.
In the printing time, pay attention to the printed text, the picture should have excellent fullness, and the scale of the master to be able to show the role of the entire shopping bag.
4, sewing
In accordance with the necessary standards, and style, like sewing clothes the same, the large fabric, small pieces, carry hand, package edge and other fabrics sewn together, we have seen the products of the fine PP Woven Bags. Sewing includes a lot of sewing methods, for example, carry hand and large interface, the demand does not need to fight cross interludes, fork is to add the degree of solidarity. The edge is to take a few lines, including the length of the band and so on.
5, packaging
The bag folded up, according to the needs of customers packaging, or else to separate packaging, box is not correct and so on.