PP Woven Bag In The Next Two Decades Will Be What Kind Of Development, You Know?

PP Woven Bag in the next two decades will be what kind of development, you know?
For PP Woven Bag manufacturers, the most important thing is how to maintain the consumer for the use of PP Woven Bag enthusiasm, and not only as a shopping time to use a commodity, it is very important, according to our country Relevant personnel survey, in the market which half of the investors choose the investment project which contains the environmental protection of this one, and in the environmental protection of this one, PP Woven Bag to occupy more than half of the data. So that will not be eliminated by this market society.
What about the development of PP Woven Bag in the next two decades?
First, China PP Woven Bag industry started late, but the development is very fast. In the early 1980s, the output was less than 10,000 tons. In the mid-to-late 1990s, China set off the upsurge of developing PP Woven Bag products. In addition to the use of domestic production lines, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan and other provinces have also introduced a production line from abroad. China PP Woven Bag product development rate of more than the average speed of development of the textile industry, the annual 8-10% high growth, is the textile industry in the fastest growing industry. Because China's PP Woven Bag industry has been upscale, many companies and products in the international arena has a strong competitive edge. And through years of exploration and development, China's PP Woven Bag business has gone out of their own characteristics of the road.
1, PP Woven Bag in the design to be innovative and innovative! Not only shape to fashion, practical, style should also be different needs of different types of consumers!
2, do everything possible to produce in line with consumer demand PP Woven Bag!
3, PP Woven Bag in the marketing strategy also requires a breakthrough innovation! A variety of marketing forms complement each other, such as processing and independent brand affiliate and other forms of masterpiece strong!
Second, so that in the future development of which do not say is that the next two decades of development, the use of PP Woven Bag is still at this stage of 18 years, especially in the young people of the market which will Very important position. Because the current environmental protection bag factory processing line is not a single shopping bag, but full of fashion sense, as well as personalized creative shopping bags, this time is no longer a mere substitute for plastic bags of the product, but a Fashion for the attitude of life, it is worth to promote so the next two decades, on the PP Woven Bag is used only more and more important.
Personal feeling now PP Woven Bag market still has great potential to dig. PP Woven Bag industry is a relatively new industry, is separated from the textile field, combined with materials, machinery and other interdisciplinary areas of cross, involving a wide range. Now the overall industrial situation is not good, but PP Woven Bag field or maintained a good upward momentum.
A beautiful PP Woven Bag can better contrast their own gifts, with the changing lifestyles, consumer demand for gift bags are getting higher and higher. Now, in the hands of a "PP Woven Bag" seems to symbolize the modern environmental awareness. From the 2008 "plastic limit order" began, the use of PP Woven Bag has gradually become a kind of living habits. Gift of roses, hand to stay fragrance, China is a ceremonial state, ritual love is the way the culture is progressive and development.
Why is the quality of PP Woven Bag not good enough, it will not take long?
1, PP Woven Bag appears for the white pollution is concerned, but overall, PP Woven Bag itself is not environmentally friendly. To PP Woven Bag bags, for example, PP Woven Bag is the main material of polypropylene, polyethylene bags made of plastic bags, it is easier to degradation, is relatively environmentally friendly. But PP Woven Bag is still a plastic chemical products, according to the thickness of a similar size PP Woven Bag than plastic bags consume more resources, the potential crisis is greater than plastic bags, plastic bags than the more waste of oil resources.
2, on the other hand, the residents of the garbage can not be separated from plastic bags, shopping bags before the free part of the plastic bag will be used in the installation of garbage, plastic restrictions on the implementation of the garbage or to use plastic bags, or purchase special Garbage bags, or spend money in the supermarket or shopping malls to buy a plastic shopping bags, home when the garbage bags. In this way, because the garbage can not be separated from the plastic bag, even if the implementation of plastic restrictions to encourage the use of PP Woven Bag bags, but the plastic bags in the garbage treatment did not reduce the white pollution and will not be well managed.
3, so, PP Woven Bag quality problems are also worrying. Some PP Woven Bag manufacturers, shoddy, cut corners, so some PP Woven Bag material shopping bags can be used several times, but in the weight of heavy objects, often there will be deformation, the edge of the situation, missing in the The oil is also difficult to clean the above, the public complain from this, "a few dollars to buy a bag, the quality who will guarantee?" Non-government-led research shows that shopping bags of lead will pollute the groundwater, and the above Paint stripping can endanger food. After a lapse of 5 years, PP Woven Bag as a commodity, its quality is still not effectively regulated from the date of production manufacturers are mostly no identification, quality is difficult to protect.