PP Woven Bag Flatness To Enhance The Skills

PP Woven Bag flatness to enhance the skills
    We have a lot of PP Woven Bag in contact with each day, each PP Woven Bag flatness, weight, density are different, even if the same weight of a different PP Woven Bag factory to do out of the flatness is not the same, then how So that weaving out of the PP Woven Bag have a better flatness, let us introduce the following one by one.
    In order to better print, you need PP Woven Bag have a better flatness, to overcome the general PP Woven Bag of the problem, such as twisted wire, warp and weft density is not uniform, ink is not solid, etc., due to ordinary PP Woven Bag single Wire width of 0.2cm, 550 per square meter by the warp, weft line monofilament 560. It is necessary to improve the flatness of the PP Woven Bag, it is necessary to improve it from the process, equipment and other aspects. Here is the improvement method:
     (1) to improve the load shed from the motor gear and the distance from the motor gear teeth, and enhance the rolling force, so that the warp and weaving balance, tighten the roll cloth axis smooth.
     (2) to replace the drawing machine traction gear speed ratio, from the process to enhance the flat wire tensioning speed, improve the oven plus temperature, the flat wire in the stretching process by the oven after the constant temperature stereotypes, tighten the tension.
     (3) to improve the diameter of the circular loom jump pole to enhance the elastic, tension spring uniform use of cylindrical weaving; cam transition, the cam and four comb direction of pressure, each latitude and longitude balance, does not constitute twisted wire.
     (4) the speed of the machine, the speed of the machine and the speed of the wire drawing machine to reach the end of the spindle without spindle speed balance, and change the diameter of the flat wire, in the four shuttle weft balance, not the top of the warp.
The advantages and performance of plastic woven bags more and more widely known in the mass production and large consumption at the same time, PP bags of the usual simple maintenance, place the taboo also need to know how to reduce the PP Woven Bag to a certain extent, To extend the service life? We first look under the PP Woven Bag anti-aging effect of the monitoring.
PP Woven Bag made of the main material for the polypropylene bag, polyethylene bags; according to the sewing method is divided into the bottom of the bag, seam bottom bag. At present widely used in fertilizer, chemical products and other items of a packaging material. Evaluation of PP anti-aging properties of woven bags can be accelerated by artificial aging experiments and outdoor exposure weathering test to measure. Artificial accelerated aging experiment is to put the plastic bag test sample in the test equipment, which can be simultaneously or alternately by light, oxygen, heat and humidity and other factors, under this condition, the main environmental parameters can be easily To maintain a relatively stable, so the data obtained can maintain good repeatability.
According to the above-mentioned UV accelerated aging test products, in the real use of the environment, the anti-aging effect will be different, especially in the case of adding filler in the case of hindered amine light stabilizer, the anti-aging effect is unstable The Although the outdoor exposure test of PP Woven Bag is long, the human and financial resources are large, the experimental data are basically in accordance with the practical requirements and can be used for the evaluation of anti-aging quality and anti-aging effect of PP Woven Bag.
    Daily use of PP Woven Bag, PP Woven Bag placed in the ambient temperature and humidity light, and so outside the conditions directly affect the life of PP Woven Bag, especially in the outdoor open when placed, rain, direct sunlight, wind, insects and other mice Invasion, will accelerate the quality of PP Woven Bag tensile damage. Flood control bags, open coal bags and so on need to consider the PP bag itself anti-UV antioxidant capacity. Family or workers and peasants ordinary PP Woven Bag, the best on the indoor without direct sunlight, dry, insect-free insects pest place.