PP Woven Bag Custom Do Not Suffer

PP Woven Bag custom do not suffer
Since the 2008 "plastic limit order" since the PP Woven Bag industry has been rapid development of five or six years, need to order PP Woven Bags non-woven bag more and more guests, and some guests may be the first time custom PP Woven Bag bag, not very clear specific custom process, and occasionally suffer is possible, the following for the majority of customers talk about experience.
1. shop around, in the procurement or trading process for a number of comparison or price comparison.
PP Woven Bags non-woven bags customized as shopping in the same shopping malls, the selection of goods to a lot of contrast. The same item, if you choose the seller more, the feeling will be more, choose the opportunity will be more, through a number of sellers of goods comparison, can see, which seller's technology, the price is more competitive strength, More market position.
2. To understand the quality of PP Woven Bags, PP Woven Bags of heavy weight, but also the difference between the new material expected.
Nonwovens are generally calculated in terms of weight per square meter, and there are usually between 60 and 150 g on the market. Quality can be divided into new materials and old materials. According to the size of PP Woven Bag size, a bag with a new material and the old material will be a difference of 0.05 yuan to 0.1 yuan cost. If the PP Woven Bag quality requirements are relatively high, it should be a comprehensive understanding of whether the fabric is a new material. Guests can ask the manufacturer whether to use the new material before asking for the inquiry. First, in order to ensure whether the quality of PP Woven Bags, the second is to avoid losses, to avoid unnecessary risks.
3. Requires proofing, in the order before the goods require manufacturers to produce prenatal samples according to custom requirements.
Now PP Woven Bag custom industry competition is fierce, and some manufacturers in order to successfully take the order, may give the guests reported cost or even loss of price, and then in the PP Woven Bag production process cut corners, has reached the purpose of reducing costs. In order to avoid this situation, custom PP Woven Bags before the manufacturer must make a prenatal sample, that is, to ensure that the manufacturer's authenticity, but also for the quality of the product to do protection.
4. Conditions Allow preferred to select the old supplier.
As PP Woven Bags non-woven bag custom manufacturers can be more selective, and some guests will often change the PP Woven Bag manufacturers. Sometimes the old supplier quotation may be other suppliers cheap one or two cents a bag, put the order under the low price of PP Woven Bag manufacturers, this is not desirable. If the old supplier does not have problems because of the quality of the bag, but only because of a penny and choose another supplier, the result may be due to small loss, more harm than good.
First PP Woven Bag can be cleaned, but can not wash with a washing machine, can not rub hard. Can only gently rub a few hands, and then rinse clean. Soaking method. Non-woven bags first with cold water or warm washing powder blisters 10 to 20 minutes, the time can not be too long, because the non-woven material soak for a long time easy to be water decomposition, please do not use bleach or fluorescent detergent, Prevent nonwovens shopping bags from fading. Cleaning time recommended to use the best hand wash effect, can not use the brush brush, PP Woven Bag will be easy to fluff, so non-woven shopping bags is difficult to read. If you want to clean quickly, I suggest you use soft hair brush, first gently rub your hand, and then take the whole brush brush brush it again. Must be light because the non-woven fabrics easily broken.