Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag Quality Is Good Or Bad How To See

Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag quality is good or bad how to see
Do Non Woven Ultrasonic Bags have 10 years time, and online often pay attention to this line of dynamic and customer needs and problems to further improve our products to meet the requirements of the customer door, to see some customers want to know Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag of good quality of the bag how to see, I think this issue for the first time to do the bag customers are more concerned about today for everyone to explain the quality of Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag of good or bad
First look at the work of Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag of ultrasonic problems, no obvious crooked package, sewing head without jumper, the whole, pin uniform fine, mouth back needle, put on the positive, the surface was flat without pollution, The The size deviation of the nonwoven fabric ultrasonic bag can not exceed 0.5 cm. Print heart angle is right, up and down about right. Catching must be accurate, the distance deviation can not exceed 0.1cm.
Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag load-bearing requirements is 80 grams of Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag of ultrasonic bags should be greater than or equal to 10 kg, portable and package to be strong. Otherwise it is not a good non-woven ultrasonic bag.
Then there is the color of the non-woven ultrasonic bag, the color of the fabric is, the color of the non-woven fabric is bright.
Non-woven ultrasonic bag printing process is better, regardless of the use of silk screen, film, hot turn, flexo, color coverage is strong, pattern and text color to be consistent, clear overall angle is not obvious deviation, with the cloth color contrast.
Non Woven Ultrasonic Bags should be environmentally friendly bags, printing must be non-toxic and tasteless.
The final choice of Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag of ultrasonic bags have to choose a certain size, formal, technology clearance of the brand, to go away from the small workshop of Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag, small workshop production of Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag without quality assurance.
Referring to the bags, we have to mention Non Woven Ultrasonic Bags because she replaced the plastic bags to a large extent and became the now recognized eco bags. Non Woven Ultrasonic Bags rich in color, bright and bright, fashionable and environmentally friendly, versatile, beautiful and generous, patterns and styles are diverse, and light, environmentally friendly, recyclable, internationally recognized as the protection of the Earth's eco-friendly products. Since the Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag can become environmentally friendly bags, presumably there should be a lot of plastic bags do not have the advantages of it Here to give you inventory, Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag of eight major advantages of it!
1, water, breathable: polypropylene slices do not absorb water, moisture content of zero, finished water good, 100% fiber composition with porous, good ventilation, easy to keep the fabric dry, easy to wash.
2, non-toxic, Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag non-irritating products in line with FDA food-grade raw materials production, excluding other chemical composition, stable performance, non-toxic, no smell, do not stimulate the skin.
3, anti-bacterial, anti-chemical: Polypropylene chemical blunt material, not moth, and can isolate the existence of bacteria within the liquid and insect erosion; antibacterial, alkali corrosion, the product is not affected by erosion intensity.
4, light weight: polypropylene resin as the main production of raw materials, the proportion of only 0.9, only three-fifths of cotton, with fluffy, feel good.
5, soft: Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag composed of fine fibers (2-3D) light-like hot-melt bonding molding. Finished softness moderate, with a sense of comfort.
6, antibacterial. Products with water, not mold, and can isolate the existence of bacteria within the liquid and insect erosion, not mildew.
7, good physical properties. Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag From polypropylene spinning directly paved into a hot bond, the strength of the product is better than the general staple fiber products, the strength of non-directional, vertical and horizontal intensity similar.
8, in environmental protection, Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag the use of most non-woven raw materials are polypropylene, and plastic bags of raw materials are polyethylene, although the two substances similar names, but the chemical structure is very different. Polyethylene chemical molecular structure has a very strong stability, very difficult to degrade, so the plastic bags need 300 years to break down; and polypropylene chemical structure is not strong, the molecular chain is easy to break, which can be effectively degraded , And in the non-toxic form into the next environmental cycle, a non-woven ultrasonic bag in 90 days can be completely decomposed. Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag And non-woven ultrasonic bags can be reused more than 10 times, after the pollution of the environment pollution is only 10% of plastic bags.