Non-woven Tote Bags More Environmentally

With the increase of new energy, related departments to promote environmental protection and energy saving, and increasingly serious environmental pollution, in order to get rid of the white pollution, make our lives better, many environmentally conscious people thought of new products--non-woven bags, and its advantages are obvious. Non woven shopping bags are made of non-woven plastic fabric, a lot of people think is a natural material, is actually a misconception.

Stitch non-woven bag is a kind of dry non-woven fabric, stitch is the use of warp-knitted coils on the Web, yarn, non-woven materials (such as plastic sheets, plastic, thin metal foils, etc) or a combination of them for reinforcement, made from non-woven cloth. Commonly used non-woven material is polypropylene (abbreviated as PP, commonly known as pp) non-woven bags or polyethylene terephthalate (abbreviated PET, commonly known as pet), environmental protection and as ordinary plastic shopping bags, neither completely degraded. Specific price terms, under the same conditions of non wovens from the bag's strength than plastic bags, but not waterproof, as much as its prices several times higher than plastic bags.