How To Increase The Load Resistance Of Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag

How to increase the load resistance of Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag
Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag are now more and more widely used, in many occasions need to use non-woven ultrasonic bags, so we have to consider the non-woven bags of the load-bearing performance problems. General non-woven bags can withstand the weight of about 10kg, if you want to bear a greater weight, we should do the following process improvements, this will greatly increase the non-woven fabric bag performance.
First, try to use the sewing non-woven ultrasonic bag
Sewing non-woven ultrasonic bag compared to ultrasonic hot melt non-woven ultrasonic bag bearing performance is much stronger. As the hot melt non-woven ultrasonic bag is only through the high temperature of the non-woven non-woven heat together, all the forces will be in a hot point, so hot-melt non-woven bags of strong load-bearing is not strong.
Second, in the non-woven ultrasonic bag handle at the fork
Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag in the course of the movement of the vast majority of the force will be in the non-woven bags of ultrasonic bags at four points, if the four points of the load-bearing performance is not easy to tear this load-bearing performance will be greatly enhanced. So we do the fork in the handle to deal with, so as to improve the non-woven bags of the load-bearing performance is very useful.
Do Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag have 10 years time, and online often pay attention to this line of dynamic and customer needs and problems to further improve our products to meet the requirements of the customer door, to see some customers want to know Non-woven bags of good quality of how to look at the bag, I think this issue for the first time to do the bag customers are more concerned about today's Wing Yip packaging for everyone to explain how good the quality of non-woven bags of ultrasonic bags
First look at the non-woven bags of the work of the problem, no obvious crooked package, sewing head without jumper, the whole, pin uniform fine, mouth back needle, to mention the positive, the surface was flat without dirt, The The size deviation of the nonwoven fabric ultrasonic bag can not exceed 0.5 cm. Print heart angle is right, up and down about the right distance. Catching must be accurate, the distance deviation can not exceed 0.1cm.
Nonwovens ultrasonic bag bearing requirements is 80 grams of non-woven bag load should be greater than or equal to 10 kg, portable and package to be strong. Otherwise it is not a good non-woven ultrasonic bag.
Then there is the color of the non-woven ultrasonic bag, the color of the fabric is, the color of the non-woven fabric is bright.
Non-woven bag printing process is better, regardless of the use of silk screen, film, hot turn, flexo, color coverage is strong, pattern and text color to be consistent, clear overall angle is not obvious deviation, with the cloth color contrast.
Non-woven bag should be environmentally friendly bags, printing must be non-toxic and tasteless.
The final choice of non-woven bags of ultrasonic bags have to choose a certain size, formal, technology clearance of the brand, to go away from the small workshop of non-woven ultrasonic bags, small workshop production of non-woven bags without quality assurance.