How To Increase The Load Bearing Capacity Of PP Woven Bag

How to increase the load bearing capacity of PP Woven Bag

PP Woven Bags are now more and more widely used. In many cases, PP Woven Bags need to be used. In this way, we have to consider the bearing performance of PP Woven Bags. The average PP Woven Bag can withstand the weight of about 10kg, and if it is to bear more weight, we should do the following process improvement, which will greatly increase the load bearing performance of PP Woven Bag.

1. Use sewing PP Woven Bag as far as possible

The load performance of PP Woven Bag is much better than that of the ultrasonic hot-melt PP Woven Bag. Due to the hot melt PP Woven Bag, it is only through the high temperature that the PP Woven Bag heat is bonded together, all the forces will be subjected to a hot melting point, so the bearing capacity of the hot-melt PP Woven Bag is not strong.

2. Fork the hand in PP Woven Bag

PP Woven Bag can bear most of the force in the process of movement on PP Woven Bag portable at four points, if the four points of bearing bearing performance will enhance performance is good is not easy to tear. Therefore, it is very useful for us to make fork processing in the hand, so as to improve the load-bearing performance of PP Woven Bags.

3. The bottom or the full circle of the hand-held car

Mentioned above ordinary PP Woven Bag so the center of gravity of the bearing in the process of movement on the laptop from four points, if we took my car to the bottom of the bag or bags around the whole circle, this PP Woven Bag bag the load bearing area of the center of gravity will increase a lot of times, the center of gravity not only supported by hand in four points. The entire front and back of the bag will share the center of gravity, so that the load capacity is greatly enhanced. I have done one experiment. 40 * 40 * 20 PP Woven Bag with round the whole PP Woven Bag a 30 kg bricks on process of PP Woven Bag, PP Woven Bag in pedestrian normal speed is not affected by the tension torn or broken

Many customers are not familiar with the materials they produce when they make the PP Woven Bags. The material in the market, as the market competition evolves, has also become various. So, how can we tell the material from the PP Woven Bag? Don't worry, the small part tells you a basic way to identify the fabric.

First of all, we should know that the material of PP Woven Bag environmental bags is naturally PP Woven Bag, also known as nonwovens. But we usually call it PP Woven Bags. There are many kinds of PP Woven Bags in the market of PP Woven Bag. There are new materials, ordinary materials, coated material, etc. If only from the eye vision to observe, basically can only distinguish the material of film cover and film. Visually it is impossible to tell whether it is entirely new or ordinary. In order to save cost, many businesses will use ordinary materials as brand new materials to process PP Woven Bag environmental bags. Here is the difference between the new material and the ordinary material. What is new material? That is to say, in the process of raw material processing, no additional material of PP Woven Bag is called new material. What is common material? Is in the process of raw materials in proportion to add certain reworked material, and also the reworked material here is abandoned PP Woven Bag, mostly in PP Woven Bags environmental protection bag manufacturers recycling was in a bag cutting down of the fringes. Therefore, ordinary materials are generally cheaper than new materials.

Second, in order to be able to identify whether it is new material from PP Woven Bags, we can feel the type of fabric from the feel of the hand. The average fabric on the market today is hard, and the new material is relatively soft. The difference between them is that the new material feels much softer. It is close to the real knit fabric, and the fabric has a better toughness than the ordinary material. The tension is stronger and not easy to tear. But there is a point, the same gram heavy cloth, the new material is thinner than ordinary material feeling, in fact, is just an illusion. But the hand feeling of ordinary material feels the texture will be more hard, a bit like paper qualitative feeling. And the same g cloth, ordinary material is thick, due to the PP Woven Bag is made of plastic grain processed and, if material is too hard, will lose the flexibility and strong tension of PP Woven Bag. And this kind of technique, also is a lot of bad businessman to cut corners of the method.