How To Increase The Bearing Capacity Of Non Woven Bag

How to increase the bearing capacity of Non Woven Bag
Non Woven Bag are now more and more widely used, in many occasions need to use Non Woven Bag, so we have to consider the Non Woven Bag load-bearing performance problems. General Non Woven Bag can withstand about 10kg weight, if you want to bear a greater weight, we should do the following process improvements, this will greatly increase the Non Woven Bag load-bearing performance.
First, try to use sewing Non Woven Bag
Sewing Non Woven Bag compared to ultrasonic hot-melt Non Woven Bag of the load-bearing performance is much stronger. As the hot melt Non Woven Bag only through the high temperature of the non-woven thermal bonding together, all the forces will be in a hot point, so hot-melt Non Woven Bag is not strong and strong.
Second, in the Non Woven Bag handle fork
Non Woven Bag in the course of the movement of the vast majority of the force will be in the Non Woven Bag of the four points of the hand, if the four points of the load-bearing performance is not easy to tear such load-bearing performance will be greatly enhanced. So we do the fork in the handle to deal with, so as to improve the load-bearing performance of Non Woven Bag is very useful.
Third, the car to the bottom or the whole circle
The above mentioned ordinary Non Woven Bag in the course of the movement so the center of gravity will be bearing at four points in the hand, if we put the handle to the bottom of the bag or around the bag full circle, so that Non Woven Bag bearing the center of gravity The area will increase a lot of times, the focus will not rely solely on the four points to support the hand. Bag the whole positive and negative will share the center of gravity, so load-bearing performance greatly enhanced. I have done a test. 40 * 40 * 20 Non Woven Bag with a hand wrapped around the entire Non Woven Bag a circle of Non Woven Bag loaded with 30kg of bricks, pedestrian normal speed movement of Non Woven Bag are not affected by the impact of tear Cracked or broken
Non Woven Bag is a green product, tough and durable, handsome in appearance, good ventilation, can be reused, can be washed, silk screen advertising, marks, long period of use, suitable for any company, any industry as advertising, The Consumers in the shopping at the same time get a beautiful Non Woven Bag, and businesses to get the invisible advertising, the best of both worlds, which makes Non Woven Bag in the market more and more popular. At the same time, Non Woven Bag and has a moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, non-combustion, easy to break down, non-toxic non-irritating, rich colors, low prices, recyclable and so on, so internationally recognized as the protection of the Earth's ecological Of environmentally friendly products.
So what about the following advantages of Non Woven Bag.
Nonwovens have the following advantages: more economical, more solid, more advertising effect, more environmentally friendly.
The following were introduced to the advantages of Non Woven Bag
Nonwovens are more economical
Starting from the release of the plastic limit, plastic bags will begin to gradually withdraw from the packaging market of goods, replaced by repeated use of Non Woven Bag. Non Woven Bag are more likely to print patterns than plastic bags and are more vivid in color. Plus can be used repeatedly, you can consider the addition of Non Woven Bag than plastic bags more beautiful patterns and advertising, because the use of wear and tear rate is lower than the plastic bag, resulting in Non Woven Bag but more cost savings, To more obvious advertising effectiveness.
Nonwovens are more secure
The traditional plastic bag, in order to save costs so material is thin, easy to break. But if in order to make him more solid, it is necessary to spend more cost. The emergence of Non Woven Bag to solve all the problems, Non Woven Bag, toughness, easy to wear. There are a lot of film-free Non Woven Bag, but also has a solid, the more waterproof, feel good, beautiful shape features. Although the cost of a single plastic bag up a little, but its service life of a non-woven shopping bags can reach hundreds, or even thousands of thousands of plastic bags.
Non Woven Bag more advertising effect
A beautiful Non Woven Bag, not just a commodity bag. Its exquisite appearance is more put it down, can be transformed into a simple fashion shoulder bag, a beautiful street scenery. Coupled with its solid, waterproof, non-stick hand characteristics will become the first choice for customers to go out, in such a Non Woven Bag, you can print your company's logo or advertising, the advertising effect is not It is true that the small investment into a big return.