How To Distinguish Between The Quality And Quality Of Raw Materials Made In Custom PP Woven Bag

How to distinguish between the quality and quality of raw materials made in custom PP Woven Bag
Many customers in the custom PP Woven Bag, the use of the material is not very understanding of manufacturers. And the market with the evolution of the market competition, has become varied. So, when we order PP Woven Bag, how to identify its material? Do not worry, let us tell you a move to identify the basic way of cloth.
First of all, we must know that PP Woven Bag material is naturally non-woven, also known as non-woven fabric. But we generally call it non-woven. Today's non-woven market, there are many kinds of non-woven fabrics. There are new materials, general materials, such as coating materials. And if only from the eyes of the visual observation, the basic can only distinguish between the film and non-coated material. Visual can not be separated in the end is a new material or general material. And many businesses in order to save costs, will be a common material as a new material to customers processing non-woven bags.
 How to distinguish between the quality of raw materials in custom PP Woven Bag
Here we have to say is that the difference between the new material and the general material: the new material that is, in the process of raw materials processing, did not add any renewable materials, non-woven material called the new material, the general material is in the process of raw materials processing In proportion to add a certain amount of renewable materials, and here is the waste material that is discarded non-woven fabrics, mostly in the non-woven bags recycling bags in the bag when the waste cut off, but the general material Generally cheaper than the new material.
1, of course, how to identify whether the selection of PP Woven Bag of new materials, we can feel up from the feel of the type of cloth, and now the market is relatively rigid fabric, and the new material is relatively soft, and their The difference is that the new material to feel a lot of soft, close to the real knitted fabric, the fabric of the toughness of the fabric is also better than the general, some rally, not easy to tear.
2, but there is one point, the same weight of the fabric, the new material than the general feeling of material to be thin, and the general feel of the feel feels will be hard, a bit like paper texture. And the same weight of the fabric, the general material is to be thick, because the non-woven fabric is processed by the plastic made of, if the fabric is too hard to do, will lose the original non-woven flexibility and strong pull Sex. And this way, but also a lot of bad businessmen cut corners commonly used techniques.
3, so in the custom PP Woven Bag, the first PP bag manufacturers to use the fabric for a basic test, at least from the visual and feel up to identify it, is not what you want the fabric, as for this, we Ping Dali to the customer when the production of PP Woven Bag, are selected high-quality non-woven production, each cutting before the use of precision instruments must be tested non-woven weight, and will not cut corners for their own interests, we The concept is based on customer satisfaction as a guideline, from the customer's point of view, with the customer's point of view rather than their own interests and perspectives to analyze the needs of customers, make every effort to fully respect and safeguard the interests of customers.
PP Woven Bag material how to distinguish between good and bad quality
First, it is important to see whether the fabric is a new material, because the non-woven fabric is a fragile fabric, when the stock time is too often will seriously affect the life of its use, the new material generally its erect and toughness are good many.
Second, look at the printing, printing is a direct impact on the quality of PP Woven Bag, take silk screen, the silk screen pattern is uniform, with or without obvious pores, if it is color printing, depends on whether the color is accurate , With or without severe positional deviations.
Third, the sewing process, for the bag, the sewing process is a direct impact on the integrity of the bag, in general, a centimeter must have three needles, see the needle is neat, especially where there is a needle down there Inverted, if the needle is not in place the bag is easy to be pulled open, there is a PP Woven Bag is not oblique and so on, which also seriously affect the beauty of the bag.