How Many Colors Can A Non Woven Bag Print?

How many colors can a Non Woven Bag print?

The color of Non Woven Bag is usually determined by the customer, there is no uniform requirement, the permanent packaging can provide the corresponding cloth color according to the customer's request.

Non Woven Bags commonly used in color: black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey, brown, pink and other colors... (specific colors can be used to refer to the color CARDS used on our website for color selection, or click on the favorite color in the front edge for viewing, selection)

General Non Woven Bag for 80 gram, if a little thin to 75 grams, better quality of 90 grams, 100 grams, 120 grams more than (number 5000), the higher the grams of relative quality will be better, and of course the cost is high, so according to the needs of customers to provide you with cheap and applicable cloth color and the corresponding number.

Many consumers have opted for Non Woven Bags instead of plastic bags. The experts of Non Woven Bag manufacturers will give you a brief analysis of the advantages compared with plastic bags. I hope you can learn more about this product.

Many people who don't know the Non Woven Bag will ask, how can it be waterproof if it is made of cloth? And the small make up now is to raise this question to answer a few, what call waterproof nonwoven cloth bag.

Anyone who has been in touch with a Non Woven Bag knows that there are a few textured bags. In common parlance, there is a rough, unpolished surface that is similar to a cloth bag, which is, in professional terms, a regular non-woven fabric.

The other is that the surface is polished and treated as if it were a layer of oil, called a Non Woven Bag, and also what people call a waterproof, Non Woven Bag. And its real machining process, is not coated with a layer of oil on it, but in the process of machining, in conventional fabric on double layer of the PP membrane, and the name of the origin, so that is the so called waterproof Non Woven Bag.

So how do you make a waterproof Non Woven Bag? Let me tell you how to produce a laminated non-woven fabric. The film coated nonwoven fabric, namely, the traditional gravure printing process will be used to print the image on the film, and then the film coating process will be printed on the non-woven fabric. This method requires intermediate medium, which is to print the picture first to the heat transfer film or the heat transfer paper, and then transfer the pattern to the nonwoven fabric by adding temperature on the transfer equipment. The commonly used medium in print printing is heat transfer film.

After producing the laminated non-woven fabric, we put the coated non-woven fabric into the fully automatic Non Woven Bag machine, and from the material, it comes out the complete laminated Non Woven Bag.

In our daily life, a large proportion of people use Non Woven Bags to create a question. Can Non Woven Bags be cleaned after use? Even if you wash it, will you have any bad effect on the bag? In fact, I would say that it is a good performance to have such a question. It is proved that the Non Woven Bag user has a strong environmental awareness. If anyone says the bag is dirty and thrown away, it can only indicate that the person's environmental awareness has yet to be strengthened. So it's normal that some people have this kind of question. And the Non Woven Bag is the environmental protection product, and the general plastic bag also has certain commonality. That is, the nonwoven bag of materials is also a bag made of a mesh of plastic particles. And the difference is, it's not the same life span. If used incorrectly, the service life of Non Woven Bags can be greatly reduced. So, in the process of use, even a small nonwoven bag, it needs to be maintained. That will lengthen their service life.