How Do You Make A Fruit Bag With A Non Woven Bag?

How do you make a fruit bag with a Non Woven Bag?
With the improvement of people's living standards, green pollution-free fruit has become one of the fruit quality requirements. The production of green fruit depends on whether the application of fruit bagging technology. A variety of fruit production with the corresponding fruit bagging available, and fruit bagging production materials are varied. One of the most environmentally friendly is the easy to degrade the Non Woven Bags made of fruit bagging. Non Woven Bag fruit bagging is not only excellent waterproof and breathable properties, light transmission and service life can be controlled and other advantages, but also a biodegradable environment-friendly materials.
How about making bags with Non Woven Bags?
1, fruit bagging Non Woven Bags mainly used in the late growth, the role of the fruit in order to prevent the fruit close to the time by the invasion of birds, pests and diseases, as well as wind and rain damage, resulting in reduced harvest or quality differences.
2, while also isolating environmental pollution on the erosion of fruit, so that in the growth process will not be scratched by the branches. Bagging can produce local greenhouse effect, so that the fruit to maintain the appropriate humidity, temperature, improve the fruit sweetness, improve fruit luster, improve the fruit grade, significant benefits, increase fruit production, and shorten its growth period, Ripening.
3, at the same time as Non Woven Bag fruit bagging bags to prevent the harm of pests and diseases in the process of growing without the use of pesticides, so that the fruit with high quality and pollution-free, to international standards.
What are the benefits of making a bag with a Non Woven Bag?
First, waterproof and breathable bagging material is a waterproof and breathable special materials, according to the special growth characteristics of fruit, specially crafted a Non Woven Bags. According to the water vapor molecular diameter of 0.0004 microns, the smallest diameter in the rain when the light mist diameter of 20 microns, drizzle diameter up to 400 microns, the Non Woven Bag aperture than 700 times the water vapor molecules, pore size smaller than the water droplets About 10,000 times, so waterproof and breathable, because the rain can not be eroded, can significantly reduce the degree of disease.
Second, pest control, anti-bacterial bagging pest control, Non Woven Bag improve the fruit fruit surface brightness, reduce the erosion of mold disease.
Third, the anti-bird bagging bag, Non Woven Bag after sunshine becomes fragile and rain shower and soft bird pecking on the broken, a broken bag, a variety of problems and diseases will occur, reduce fruit quality and Production, special bagging because of good toughness, but not afraid of sunshine and rain shower, so birds do not break pecking, you can save the cost of anti-bird network, reduce the disease occurred.
Four, translucent ① special Non Woven Bag with light transmission performance, paper bag opaque, do not see the internal growth, special bagging due to translucent, you can see the fruit maturity and disease conditions, in order to facilitate timely processing. ② is particularly suitable for sightseeing picking garden, Non Woven Bag can not see the internal, visitors do not belong to the characteristics of fruit growth and paste the paste, special bag can not bag, you can know whether mature or not, reducing the amount of labor farmers. ③ special bagging on the natural light transmission rate is higher, significantly improved the berries of soluble solids, anthocyanins, vitamin C and other content, improve the fruit of the integrated fresh quality, improve the degree of coloring.
5, to improve the micro-domain environment dedicated bagging can effectively improve the fruit ear growth micro-domain environment, due to good ventilation, fruit bag internal humidity and temperature changes compared with the Non Woven Bag, the more moderate, extreme temperature and humidity duration is short, Ear can be a good growth, improve the fruit of the integrated fresh quality.
Comprehensive situation: Non Woven Bag special bagging with excellent waterproof breathable, pest control, anti-bird, anti-bacterial, translucent and other characteristics, but also a degradable environmentally friendly materials. Studies have shown that it can effectively improve the microbial environment of the growth of fruit spikes and significantly improve the soluble solids of berries. Anthocyanins, vitamin C and other content, improve the fruit of the integrated fresh quality, improve fruit fruit, fruit surface brightness, coloring, reduce grape day burning, anthrax, white rot, gray mold and other diseases, reduce grape cultivation Household labor production.