Energy-saving And Environment-friendly Plastic Machinery Into Development Priorities

Traditional plastic machinery high energy consumption, high cost, and easy to pollute the environment, so plastic machinery industry in improving plastic quality, high efficiency and low consumption of production functions at the same time, need to focus on the requirements of environmental protection, focusing on development of energy-efficient models, to balance out the contradiction between economic development and environmental protection. In recent years, plastic machinery industry to industrial transformation and upgrading of the main line, adhere to independent innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end development path and accelerating cooperation, have developed and produced a large number of highly efficient energy-saving plastic machinery products.

Environmental protection is gradually integrated into every corner of the plastic industry, recycling industry has become a important trend of the plastics industry. Universal plastic, pointed out, along with associated environmental policies, growing environmental needs, green plastic will gradually replace traditional plastics, mainstream products.