Detailed Explanation Of Non-woven Shopping Bags Production Technology In Hebei

Short non-woven fabric production process flow, high yield, fast change, sources of raw materials and a long service life, with features such as automatic degradation, were viewed as the best alternative to plastic bags.

The advantage of non-woven shopping bag: it is a green product, beautiful shape, low price, is shopping the best product and corporate image advertising. Non-woven shopping bag making tape performance and stability, toxic, odor-free, does not irritate the skin, breathable, easy to maintain surface dry. Non-woven bags cheap, environmentally friendly and practical application, with prominent advertising space, suitable for all kinds of business activities and exhibitions fairs, enterprises and institutions are ideal promotional gifts.

Therefore, non-woven shopping bags production technology of complex printing process cumbersome, now non-woven shopping bag industry competitiveness and technological competitiveness improvement, believe in the power of technology to industry marketing to a new level.