Bag Vests Woven Into A Grass Skirt Garden Pavilion Community Put On Eco-fashion Show

Yesterday morning, the Garden Pavilion community of Richland City cultural square of the WTO particularly lively, close to 30 children were dressed in fancy dress, made in the community turns on the red carpet show.

Scene, some small waste materials, such as newspaper, garbage bags, discs, calendar paper, crepe paper and bags, after an ingenious idea and creative parents and children has been, turned into a unique, distinctive exquisite fashion. Advertising paper produced by the Knights clothing, bags designed evening dress, vest bags do, old clothes and color paper medieval knight suits, woven of grass skirt ... ...

Accompanied by a dynamic and cheerful music, children wearing spring "dressed" have appeared on the stage. The face smile also announce it to everyone: cherish the resources, protecting the environment, you'll gain happiness. After a show, and won the audience's applause.