Are There Any Prejudices About The Existence Of Non Woven Bag, Do You Know

Are there any prejudices about the existence of Non Woven Bag, do you know
Whether it is any product, there are two sides, there is no perfect product, so in the Non Woven Bag in a rapid attitude to capture the market, there have been some negative comments, some people think that this product is not as convenient as plastic bags , And in some respects is not as good as plastic bags, in this part of the people, young people account for a large part, so now is expected.
What are some of the prejudices about the existence of Non Woven Bag?
1, Non Woven Bag do have some shortcomings, that is, it can not install some oily things, because it is more difficult to clean the material, so usually some clothes, vegetables, fruits and the like is no problem, but once installed Those meat and oily things is not very convenient, because the oil dirty bag after the people need to clean, this process is more trouble, because of this reason it also attracted a relatively large negative impact, so the developers of non-woven Bag material also need to do a relatively large improvement, so that users are more convenient when used.
2, young people on the Non Woven Bag of negative comments is not due to difficult to clean, but because printed on the bag patterns are mostly some business propaganda, those propaganda pattern is not consistent with the aesthetic of young people, after all, young people Are more like the pursuit of the trend, so with this publicity pattern bags are more resistant, compared to the plastic bags more in line with the aesthetic of young people, they are relatively light and the pattern is also very rich, so more popular with young people The
3, but if it can give Non Woven Bag to print some of the more nice and consistent with the aesthetic pattern of young people, it should be welcomed by young people, in short, this product or need to continue to progress will not be eliminated.
After the global promotion of Non Woven Bag, Non Woven Bag to environmental protection as an opportunity to enter the public's life. Non Woven Bag and fashion, from the material to the pattern of a variety of emerging design highlights the user's personality, which has been welcomed by everyone. All kinds of companies also held a lot of non-woven bag design contest to the majority of designers to give full play to the stage. Many companies even distributed Non Woven Bag, the major high-end products have also provided environmentally friendly shopping bags. All kinds of phenomena that Non Woven Bag accepted by the public, into everyone's low-carbon environmental life.
What is the role of Non Woven Bag in life?
1, when it comes to Non Woven Bag, many people will feel very familiar with, since the country to promote the use of Non Woven Bag, a lot of environmentally friendly friends, whether shopping or shopping when they will bring a strong bag, Non Woven Bag, and many businesses in order to promote the promotion of everyone's promotional items are often the name of the advertising Non Woven Bag. In fact, the most common type of Non Woven Bag is just the kind of iceberg of this kind of product.
2, first of all, is printed with advertising slogans or advertising for the promotion of Non Woven Bag, this Non Woven Bag to the hands of the user is an ordinary shopping bag, but it was with a shuttle in the streets It is easy to achieve the effect of advertising, and compared to other ways, advertising costs are much lower.
3, secondly, printed with knowledge of Non Woven Bag, this may be a pattern, it may be text, and may even be the world famous paintings, calligraphy, etc., the purpose is to cultivate people's sentiments. Business is also a good choice for advertising channeling.
4, Non Woven Bag stretch strong, good tension. And gloss and hand feel good, high softness. Printable content. Can be sun, air and natural water and biodegradable. And only about 30 days, you can break down into harmless substances. Compared with the ordinary plastic shopping bags, repeatable use of non-woven shopping bags have a lot of environmental advantages.