A 38% Defense Tax Is Imposed On PP Woven Bags And Associated Synthetic Fiber Fabrics

38% defense tax on PP woven bags and associated synthetic fiber fabrics El Salvador's Minister of Economy Hector Dada said on the 20th of this month that El Salvador has imposed 38% of the defense money on PP woven bags and associated synthetic fiber fabrics for Dominican On January 19, the Geneva World Trade Organization (WTO) sued the Dominican Republic for violating the free trade agreement and said that since the Dominican Republic had violated the free trade agreement PP Woven Bag with the Central American countries, the Central American countries had adopted the aforementioned common strategy in this case, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala Has also sued the World Trade Organization for Dominica to set up obstacles to free trade. The other minister also said that the export of El Salvador PP woven bags to Dominican Republic was affected by a one-and-a-half year 38% defense tax, but the number of PP woven bags exported to Dominica was limited.

  PP Woven Bag Dominican "Committee on Unfair Trade and Defense Measures" (10) on the 21st of the Dominican Lizist Diary (LISTIN DIARIO) issued a statement that, in view of the PP bags and related synthetic fiber fabric for 38% of the defense tax Of the measures, has led to discussion, the details of the case for the re-description of this case, then translated as follows:

  (1) Article 1 of the Unfair Trade Act and Defense Measures Act (No. 1-02), promulgated by the Dominican Republic on January 18, 2002, Article 1 of the Regulations on the Protection of Unfair Trade Acts (No. 1-02) Is a national interest in the Dominican Republic. Article 57 also provides that defensive measures are controlled in a temporary manner in order to prevent or avoid serious losses to the domestic industry in order to assist the operators in adapting them.

  (Ii) In addition, article 84 of the former Act regulates the terms of the Committee on the Unfair Trade and Defense Measures Committee, one of which is in coordination with other Dominican government bodies and on behalf of the Dominican Government to deal with issues relating to competition with international organizations and interested States The

  (C) The decision to impose a 18-month 38% defense duty on PP woven bags and associated synthetic fiber fabrics is based on the results of the more than one year's investigation period and a careful review of the Unfair Trade Acts and Defense Measures Act No. 1-02) and the relevant technical and procedural provisions of the World Trade Organization Agreement on Defense Measures. To the DR-CAFTA Agreement, which is also carefully examined in the investigation procedure, Chapter 8 of the Agreement (Trade Defense Measures) Article 6 of the GATT Article 19 of the WTO Agreement and the Universal Measures adopted by the Defense Agreement (Acciones Globales) on the DR-CAFTA contractor, once again confirmed that the Dominican Republic in accordance with the World Trade Organization defense measures agreement to carry out the relevant investigations and measures.

  (4) The information of the case will be published on the website of the Committee on the Fair Trade Behavior and Defense Measures (www.cdc.gob.sacos.html), which is updated in a timely manner and includes all the information from the beginning of the investigation to the final resolution Behavior and resolution, as well as the various stages as a basis for decision-making technical reports.

  (5) PP Woven Bag The Dominican Committee on "Unfair Trade Conduct and Defense Measures" is a committee mechanism. Any policy statement, whether administrative or procedural, shall be discussed by the Committee after making the joint resolution of the meeting. To make a final decision on the final defense tax, which will fully understand the importance of publicly sharing the details of the case.

  (6) PP Woven Bag Most of the trading partners of Dominica are committed to assisting their domestic industry and adopt similar multi-national trade defense mechanisms and measures in accordance with the provisions of the World Trade Organization. The mission is to protect the trade interests of the Dominican industry in the domestic market, the trading partner market or other occasions under the existing law, and to seek a trade dispute settlement in the field of international trade policy is extremely common.