Is The Non Woven Bag Really Environmentally Friendly?

Is the Non Woven Bag really environmentally friendly?
Is the Non Woven Bag really environmentally friendly? The first question asked me is Reuters reporter. At that time, was asked this question, I hesitated for a long time before they made a reply, and later they recalled a moment, that my original answer is not very comprehensive, but also because of this, these days, I have been the problem In my own mind, keep pondering, plus this time there are customers to our company's business staff mentioned the same problem, so I think it is necessary here to make a more comprehensive on this issue Explanation.

To answer whether the Non Woven Bag is really environmentally friendly, first of all, we have to understand a concept, what is the environmental bag?
Now, we mentioned that environmental bags, in general, is not for the plastic bags in terms of environmental protection. Plastic bags are not environmentally friendly mainly in the following areas:
1. The recycling rate of plastic bags is too low, some experts have done statistics, plastic bags recycling rate of not more than 1%, while the production of plastic bags, the main raw material from the Earth's most scarce resources - oil, so we consume every year The plastic bag is actually a waste of oil resources.
2. Plastic bags are naturally degraded for a long time, generally more than 1000 years. So, if we do not control the use of plastic bags, then, after many years, our planet will become a white planet, and for this reason, many environmental groups put forward the "saving the earth" slogan to call people Our living and living environment, please use less or no plastic bags.
3. Not only that, because people use the plastic bags after the littering, and therefore also caused a large number of biological deaths, according to the relevant media reports, each year because of plastic bags and captured about 10 million marine life. And, two days ago, I also noticed that CCTV reported such a news that in the Arab countries, there is a little boy, by their own strength to set up a charity fund to save camels, because those who have been abandoned Camels because they mistakenly eat the discarded plastic bags, and these difficult to digest the plastic bag in the camel's stomach to form a difficult to excrete and can not digest the calcium fast, and it is this fast calcium will eventually Causing the camel's abnormal death.
4. Finally, because people use a large number of plastic bags, and directly led to a large number of natural disasters. For example, in Bangladesh, the capital of Dhaka, every year because of the chaos of the plastic bag blocked the sewer, which directly lead to Dhaka annual rainy season will be a very serious floods.
So, this is why the "plastic limit order" will be the first in Bangladesh that is not a very developed country the earliest implementation of the main reasons.
Know what is non-environmentally friendly bags, we look at why Non Woven Bags will be known as environmentally friendly bags.
1. First, the repeatability of Non Woven Bags is much higher than that of plastic bags. The production cost of the nonwoven bag is higher than that of the ordinary plastic bag, and the use of the nonwoven bag is not greatly reduced as compared with the plastic bag after several times of use, so that the repetition rate of the nonwoven bag Will be higher than the plastic bag, which also indirectly reduces the consumption of oil resources.
2. Non Woven Bags are naturally degraded for a short time. In general, without any special treatment, Non Woven Bags in natural conditions, the degradation time is generally not more than 90 days.
3. Non Woven Bags are still a little lower than the plastic bags. In the daily life, we seem to have rarely seen the chapped Non Woven Bags, so, in this sense, to promote the use of Non Woven Bags, can reduce the direct break on the environment.
Nevertheless, we can not say that Non Woven Bags is an absolutely environmentally friendly bags. The so-called environmental protection, we can only say is relative, not absolute.