PP Woven Bag Placement And Maintenance

PP Woven Bag placement and maintenance
 The advantages and performance of the use of woven bags more and more widely known in the mass production and large consumption at the same time, the usual maintenance of woven bags, taboo also need to know how to reduce the wear and tear to a certain extent, prolonged use Life? We first look at the next anti-aging effect of woven bags monitoring.
PP Woven Bags made of the main material for the polypropylene bags, polyethylene bags; according to the sewing method is divided into the bottom of the bag, seam bottom bag. At present widely used in fertilizer, chemical products and other items of a packaging material. Evaluation of PP anti-aging properties of woven bags can be accelerated by artificial aging experiments and outdoor exposure weathering test to measure. Artificial accelerated aging experiment is to put the plastic bag test sample on the test equipment, which can be simultaneously or alternately by light, oxygen, heat and humidity and other factors, under this condition, the main environmental parameters can be easily To maintain a relatively stable, so the data obtained can maintain good repeatability.
According to the above-mentioned UV accelerated aging test products, in the real use of the environment, the anti-aging effect will be different, especially in the case of adding filler in the case of hindered amine light stabilizer, the anti-aging effect is unstable The Although the outdoor exposure test of the woven bag is long, the human and financial resources are invested, the experimental data are basically in accordance with the actual use requirements and can be used for the evaluation of anti-aging quality and anti-aging effect of woven bags.
    When the daily use of woven bags, the location of the woven bags of ambient temperature and humidity, and other external conditions directly affect the life of woven bags, especially in the outdoor open when placed, rain, direct sunlight, wind, insects and other insects and other attacks, are Will accelerate the damage of the quality of woven bags. Flood control bags, open-air coal bags and so on need to consider the anti-ultraviolet anti-oxidation bag itself. Family or workers and peasants of the ordinary woven bags, the best on the indoor without direct sunlight, dry, insect pest-free place.
 Green PP Woven Bag products refers to the ecological environment protection and human health harmless, saving resources and energy, can be repeated or recycled, can promote the sustainable development of products, such as: green PP Woven Bags, green container bags, green food Paper bags and so on. That is, PP Woven Bag products from raw material selection to product manufacturing, use, recycling and disposal of the entire process should meet the requirements of ecological and environmental protection. At present, the green PP Woven Bag products has become one of the main contents of the green standards set in developed countries.
      Green PP Woven Bag products generally have seven aspects of the content:
      First, the implementation of PP Woven Bag products reduction [Reduce]. PP Woven Bag products to meet the protection, convenience, sales and other functions under the conditions, to minimize the use of materials.
      Second, plastic knitwear should be easy to re-use [Reuse]. Plastic products in the completion of a use function, after appropriate treatment, can be reused.
      Third, easy recycling [Recycle]. Through the production of recycled products, incineration using heat, composting to improve soil and other measures to achieve the purpose of re-use.
Four, can reload cans [Refill]. PP Woven Bag products in the recovery, you can re-use cans.
      5, PP Woven Bag products can be degraded by the decomposition of waste [Degradable]. Its end does not form a permanent garbage, and thus achieve the purpose of improving the soil. 4R1D is the world recognized the development of green PP Woven Bag principle.
      6, PP Woven Bag material on the human body and biological should be non-toxic harmless. The material should not contain toxic elements, pathogens, heavy metals, etc., or the amount of these elements contained in the relevant environmental standards below.
 7, PP Woven Bags from the raw material collection, materials processing, manufacturing products, product use, waste recycling, until the final process of its final treatment should not cause harm to the human body and the environment