Water characteristics of plastic woven bag printing ink

1, hue

Contrast color scraper to ink color, gloss and coverage testing is to sample and standard samples side by side scraper by means of comparison and the conclusion. Used method in addition to judge from the naked eye on the appearance of the ink color, gloss and coverage, but also can determine the uniformity of dispersion of ink. Due to interference in the solvent in pigment, water plastic bags than alcohol-soluble ink color woven bag ink color more beautiful, color is not vulnerable to migration, more conducive to product packaging design and printing.


So-called waterborne plastic woven bag printing ink thickness is mixed in the binders of pigments, fillers, such as degree of dispersion of solid powder-like substance. Size is a very important indicator of quality, because it not only with the ink application performance (including color, hue, stability, etc), but also associated with the rheological properties of the ink.