Sealing membrane and in high demand

Growing demand for sealing membrane, set a different sealing membrane science and technology and rapid development of the industry.

Sealing membrane, thin, flexible, low mechanical strength, poor sealing and high strength aluminum foil sealing compound plastic, you can get good protective properties, mechanical properties and heat sealing properties of aluminum-plastic compound flexible packaging materials, widely used in food packaging, cooking bags, chemical and industrial products, such as packaging and the army. Such as sealing film for retort food packaging materials is an intermediary three or four layers of aluminum foil composite structure. This soft aluminum foil bag has good mechanical properties and processing performance, good humidity resistance of seals can smell gas, good corrosion resistance, oil resistance, nontoxic, odorless, tasteless, and healthy and safe, reliable, convenient printing, suitable for automation, mechanisation, and lighter than metal cans, more economic, more energy-efficient. Sealing membrane is also a widely used compound flexible packaging materials, it is made of aluminum foil and plastic film multilayer, high tightness, high performance, flexibility and heat resistance of packing material. Lidding film provides the following benefits: significantly prolong shelf life, can withstand 120 ~ 150 ℃ high temperature sterilization, shelf life can be up to 1.5 to 2 years, you can effectively keep the nutrition level, without damaging the color and taste. At present, the sealing membrane has been used in sauces and pastes, solid cooking food packaging and food packing space.