Plastic packaging industry under development under way

China is the world's plastic packaging manufacturing and consuming countries, plastic packaging in food, daily necessities and industrial and agricultural production plays an indispensable role in various fields. The plastic packaging industry is in a period of great development in China, and related technologies and services is continuing to improve. Plastics industry development problems, the reporter to interview the head of Henan red. As China's top 30 plastic packaging enterprises, Henan has always adhered to the quality products made by the Swiss to serve the community.

Henan Swiss official told reporters, the development of the daily use of plastic bags can be estimated in the mid 1960 of the 20th century, when mainly due to PVC film production cut fiber and fibrillated fibre technology. And also began to work on new equipment to produce the flat, until 1965, the first to achieve European industrial production flat, and flat woven plastic bags. At the time, domestically produced woven bags are mainly small bags, large bags, tons of bags produced relatively few in number, mainly used for packaging export Japan cement sand and so on, so when production product quality is not high, the type of single, production equipment and technology is also very simple, early development is on the rise。