Our table laughed

Remember in an art activity, when I give children guidance, accidentally discovered a lot of crayons on the table mat and pen marks, and mat have RIP, very easy to scratch the child. Looking at children with mat from time to time "intimate contact" I frown: want want is already rolled up corner of the mat to give it "paint", is using a pair of scissors along the table pad gap continues to "sabotage", Lele is your brush is there any color on the mat.

New semester starting soon, mat he bought what became this picture look like? I really want to get the kids to stop painting, said destruction of mat. Then I thought, if I'm just eager to get angry and critical education for children, the effect will be, please? Experience tells me, to shift child, positive criticism is easy to hurt their pride and back before each for art activities, teacher will remind the children pay attention to table mats, visible, positive educational did not attract much attention from the children.