How to quickly improve woven bag business Web site traffic

With the rapid development of the Internet, almost all of the bags all have their own websites. Expanding bag network market, corporate Web site to bear the brunt, the site has a greater flow is everyone's hope. Because it will let potential customers know and learn more about their businesses, and receive more orders. However many of them are not much clicks, the site seems to be useless, not play its proper role. Wanted to use it to start, here are some simple and practical method for reference.

First, the Web site content is constantly updated and published a number of articles, such as their own business news, their technologies, their core technology is to be retained, of course. Also released on Baidu, Google often go to forums, Web sites, and woven bag industry Portal recommended woven bag industries. Article updates can not be lazy to stick, best original content because search engines like the original and valuable content.