Course of development of plastic woven bags

The 90 's of the last century, rapid development of international and domestic logistics, surging demand for bags, manufacturing enterprises in the country are also growing quickly, has introduced foreign advanced production equipment, learn foreign advanced production technology and management techniques, and produced a number of its own unique production machines, woven bag production scale and performance to unprecedented development.

Plastic bags after decades of development, both in appearance, quality or use has undergone big changes. With a mixed color shape flat woven plastic bags look more beautiful, but also has a certain amount of icing. Quality, quality of plastic bags now under State supervision, have to meet national standards on quality in order to the market. In respect of uses, plastic bags have been not just as food, food, transport or construction of dams. Now can also be used as shopping, shopping bag to use more environmentally friendly. While some stores are also using it as a package.