Characteristics and application of plastic mesh

Common extrusion network

Common extrusion mesh extrusion network for short, it is a polyethylene or polypropylene resin added extruder, so that the melted plastic right, from the special spin (with several small holes in the die both inside and outside) squeeze into a network, by cooling after extrusion network. Or secondary processes produce tensile NET or bidirectional stretch NET.

Extrusion into network of principle is: by rotating head of both inside and outside die mouth of rotating, melt material constantly to from rotating head both inside and outside die mouth of small was taken by our l in the extrusion into material silk; Dang both inside and outside die mouth of rotating makes its die mouth Shang of small hole separate Shi that into network article, dang small was taken by our l coincide Shi that into mesh, by head of rotating makes small hole constantly separate, and coincide, that business have continuous extrusion network. By changing the die hole shape, quantity, head rotation speed and direction and speed, and can produce many different grid size, mesh size and mesh shapes of products. Out of the net mesh shape there are diamond-shaped, square, and shear strength of oblique rhombic lattice, and so on.

Plastic extrusion molding process and equipment of network is simple, easy to operate, from the raw material to the network once, high production efficiency, low cost. Out of the net bag made by machining, widely used in packaged foods, vegetables, machinery parts and toys