Characteristics and application of plastic woven bags

1, plastic woven bags

Plastic bags are used in a polyolefin plastic flat yarn woven bags. Plastic tape is based on polyethylene or polypropylene resin as raw material by extruding flat film or films in his possession, and then cut to the width of the Strip, made by uniaxial tension again. Plastic tape over the entire, complex weft weaving of Planar or cylindrical woven fabric, then cut sewn into bags. Barrel made of circular looms weave fabric bag is convenient, no sew side and material, so widely used.

Woven plastic bag with a light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and so on. After joining plastics film lining moisture-proof, moisture-proof, suitable for industrial chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, grains and other heavy packaging, especially for export packaging. Compound made of weaved cloth and kraft paper bags shipped cement, can save a lot of wood. Plastic bags according to different load, can be divided into light, medium and heavy bags of three. Light bag load in 2. 5ke; medium bag is 25~50kg; the heavy bag for 50-100kg.